Greetings from Erasmus student Grzegorz!

My name is Grzegorz Molas and I come from Poland. Together with other Erasmus students Miriama Gecelovska, Simona Morozova, Slavomira Valkovicova (Slovakia), Claire Ballester, Nicolas Turcot (France) and guys from Lithuania Edvardas Ubis, Edgaras Parasockis we are pleased that we can study in Estonian Aviation Academy for this semester!

I come from a small town from the south-east of Poland. I am very attached to my village where I grew up. My little village is rich in nature. We have many lakes, forests and lovely mountains.

My interest in aviation began in my youth years. Near my home there was Aeroclub Zamosc which I visited often.  (http://www.aeroklubzamosc.pl/) Unfortunately, nobody else from my close family is interested in aviation.

My parents manage a large farm. I have two siblings, my older brother is working in the international company and my older sister is working in political party. My brother is married and has a lovely little daughter named Hanna. Hanna is really brave and I hope that she will be a pilot if Polish Air Force in the future.  :)

Every second year I am taking part in the famous international air show in Radom. Radom is a small town situated in the central part of Poland and you can read about this airshow here: http://www.airshow.sp.mil.pl/en.

Many people ask me “Why did you choose Estonia, what are you doing here? There are many more interesting places than Estonia!” But the answer is simple.

Estonia and Estonian Aviation Academy have changed a lot of in my life. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, every day is new and different… But now I can say – these two months in Estonia have given me many unforgettable moments and a lot of experience! I think anybody who loves aviation loves EAVA as well!

Thank you everyone for your help! Smile!

Estonia – you are beautiful!
Grzegorz Molas
Erasmus student in EAVA

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