Bringing Erasmus students closer to Estonian Aviation

After visiting Tartu airport and aviation museum, next big sight for Erasmus students in Estonia – Tallinn airport. All eight Erasmus students from Poland, Lithuania, France and Slovakia participated in the trip tutor student Ilo-Kaisa organised.

In one day they managed to see cosy TLL terminal and also have a glimpse at AME hangar and aircraft being repaired there. TLL terminal as Erasmus students described looked very ‘passenger-friendly’ and well planed, so as to provide passengers maximum comfort while waiting for their flight. Also there was a tour around the airport with the bus, which was very exciting, driving around airplanes, watching them getting prepared for the flight and afterwards taking off.

Air Maintenance Estonia hangar left a good impression as well. Two aircraft were in base maintenance during the time of visit. Lots of work was done at different shops (sheet metal, composite materials etc.). AME workers were more than happy to show students how different works are made and how they are keeping those aircraft safe to fly.

All Erasmus students are expressing their gratitude towards effort that students of EAVA make to show the inside world of Estonian aviation.

Edgaras Parasockis
Erasmus Student from Lithuania

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