Burhan Şamil Çiftçi – an Erasmus student from Turkey

1.      What are you studying? Why?
I am studying Aircraft and Powerplant Maintenance in Anadolu University. First I wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately I did not pass the exam. So I decided to study what I am studying right now and I really enjoy it. There are two reasons I like aviation: sentimental and logical. Firstly, aviation is a passion of mine like I imagine it is for every other aviation student. Secondly, the aviation sector is getting stronger and more developed day by day. As I am going to be a part of this sector I will probably have a good salary and even greater opportunities.

2.      Why did you choose Estonia and Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA)?
There is no special reason for this. My school has three partners abroad from which I had to choose: the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia. At first I would have preferred to be closer to home but as my results were not that good I decided to go for Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA). Now I am very glad with the decision because EAVA is 100% aviation school as the two other options were not.

3.      Did you know anything about Estonia before?
Yes, I did know some things about Estonia. I have read quite a lot of books, material that describe Estonia’s climate, history, society, ethnic structure etc. For example, I knew it is going to be quite cold in the winter, as it is still a Baltic country. In addition, I did know also that Estonian National Football Team is in the same group as Turkey in the World Cup Qualifiers.

4.      Was there anything surprising when you arrived to Estonia/Tartu?
When I had arrived to Tartu, I noticed that it was not that cold as I would have thought. I was surprised also how beautiful the city is. But there are some specific things that I find are quite surprising. For instance, fuel is cheaper than in Turkey, fish and technological devices are quite expensive to say the least.

3rd place at Student Football

5.      Have you been thinking of learning Estonian? What words do you already know?
To be honest, I have not been learning Estonian because it is not a worldwide language. However, I respect and admire how you have managed to sustain your language after occupations and invasions.
Some words I know:
Mina olen Samil
Ma olen Türgist

6.      How would you describe an Estonian?

Estonians are kind and good-hearted. Also, I have noticed that most of the Estonians have blonde hair.

7.      Could you point out things you like about EAVA.

1)        EAVA has only aviation related specialities
2)        School is new and has modern facilities
3)        Gym and sauna are perfect for a sportsman like me

8.      What are those “MUST DOs” during this semester?

I am planning to do some travelling. For instance, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo. Besides that I am interested in learning about history in general and turkology. I hope to do proper research about turcklogy. Finally, I would like to improve my Russian.

9.      Have you taken part in any school related parties, activities? Did you enjoy them?
Yes, I have participated in some of the activities. I have been to the Aviation Museum, taken part in the schools’ football tournament (where I was rewarded as the best player). I also participated in some of the International Week activities where in one I had to make a presentation about my country.

10.  Last but not least, how many times people have asked you why on earth did you choose Estonia. (Estonians tend to ask that in general)

I cannot remember the number on people but quite many.

Küsitluse viis läbi Margred Kõima (C6-11).

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